Medical Cannabis Product Ratings

A Cannabis Survey & Analytics Platform
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Key Platform Features

Digital Scorecards

Customers complete a web-based Digital Scorecard with 12 questions for cannabis products and health issues

Data Analytics

A powerful data analytics platform delivers visual data charts and tables across any combination of ratings data

Product Ratings

Medical cannabis product ratings are captured for overall health relief, speed of relief and duration of relief

Embedded Charts

Product ratings, as visual charts or data tables, can be embedded inside any webpage; yours or your partners

How It Works

Cannabis Product

Canna consumers select from a cannabis product/inventory list which is keyword searchable for fast selection

Cannabis Consumption

Consumers choose from 9 cannabis consumption methods from beverages and edibles to flowers and vaporizers

Health Severity

Consumers score their health issue by severity level; mild, moderate, severe or chronic severity level

Customer Demographics

Canna consumers select their gender, age range and ethnicity for additional powerful data filters

Cannabis Type

Canna consumers select from 4 cannabis types for the product they are rating; CBD, Indica, Sativa or Hybrid

Health Issue


Consumers choose from 296 health symptoms and health conditions including all common cannabis health issues

Health Duration


Canna consumers select how long they have experienced their health issue, from months to years

30 Seconds

30 Seconds is all it takes for a canna consumer to complete a Digital Scorecard to rate their cannabis experience

Other Service Features

Multiple Locations

Cannabis Scorecards can be set up and reported on across multiple locations or multiple clients

Product Updates

Cannabis products can be quickly added or removed on a global or per-location/per-client basis

Email Alerts

Instant email alerts can be optionally triggered to participants or clients showing ratings data

Access Codes

Access Codes can be set by location or client to restrict access to only those customers who have the code

Volume Limits

Scorecards can be set by volume limits e.g. ‘5,000’ for ratings submissions and can be set by client or by location


Intellectual Property for the Platform, Screening Method and Product Rating System are USPTO patent-pending 2018

Potential Service Applications



Capture cannabis ratings. Advise customers on best products. Manage inventory by health issue. Advertise health solutions supported by crowd-sourced ratings data.



Capture cannabis ratings. Publish industry reports across multiple health issues and by cannabis product types. Provide a ratings service for cannabis producers.



Capture cannabis ratings. Publish unique high-value industry data on your website. Create embedded visual ratings charts on your website and as SEO backlinks for cannabis partners.



Own a unique cannabis data ratings service. Offer a ratings service to cannabis dispensaries and cannabis delivery companies. Become cannabis industry advocates.

Scorecard Screenshots

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Analytics Screenshots

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Ratings By All Health Issues

Complex Filtered Ratings

Ratings By Consumption Method

Ratings Data Tables

Own the world's first medical cannabis ratings platform

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